Coaching and mentoring for the next generation of nannies.

Grow your career with Lollaby
  • Lollaby Consulting offers professional development for nannies. We provide career development and training in practical skills that make happier kids (and parents).

  • Professional services

    A customised mentoring session for nannies to build on their professional brand and establish innovative nanny services. From those just starting out or those wanting to take their small business to the next level Lollaby can customise a training package to succeed.

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    Why work with Lollaby?

    Be a better teacher

    As a nanny you know every day is a chance for your kids to learn and play. From activities, day planning, to best practice documentation, Lollaby offers tailored training packages to help you make every day with your kids count.

    Turn love into a career

    Looking after kids is one of the most important jobs there is, so we offer professional development that makes you into the best nanny you can be. With Lollaby you can make sure you get the most out of your career, and grow your professional brand.

    Get help with the hard stuff

    You know what matters to you - happy kids and happy parents, so let us worry about the hard stuff! From admin, to finding the right parents for you, we make finding the right families easy, and ensure smooth end-to-end client management.


    From home care to life goals

    The Lollaby blog is where we share experiences from over a decade of the Nanny industry. Find tips for your career, nanny news explained and a few ways to get your kids laughing!

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    Lollaby Care

    Lollaby provides bespoke home care for family's in need. View our services, read the stories of our clients, and discover what Lollaby can do in the home.

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    Calling all super nannies!

    Whether you want to learn how to offer more value to parents, upskill staff or get one-on-one career coaching, get in contact for a free consultation. We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how we can get you there.



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